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Acceleration of the Model Topology Configuration

Boost the geometry definition of your building FE model.
Build-X features a CAD-substitute smart facility that handles the creation of load-bearing members based on direct user commands. It allows easy introduction of setbacks in plan and elevation and produces 2D and 3D views of the building model at hand.

Quick and Reliable Generation of Shear Wall Members

With Build-X, the laborious task of shear wall member definition is no longer a concern. 
Build-X includes internal subroutines that allow effortless and reliable generation of shear wall members and core walls according to the widely used Equivalent Frame Method. The wall joint topology and the stiffness properties are calculated automatically based on minimal user input.

Automatic Distributed Plasticity Fiber Section Model Development

Build-X utilizes the state-of-the-art force-based distributed plasticity beam-column element and fiber section model featured in OpenSees to describe the inelastic deformations of RC members. 
Based on user-defined member detailing information and simple nonlinear material laws, the system automatically and reliably creates the fiber element model for every RC member.

Soil-Structure Interaction

Build-X is able to account for the effects of soil compliance on the structural response of the building in an approximate yet acceptable and computationally efficient way.
Commonly used foundation types such as footings and basemats are provided as modeling options. Inertial interaction is captured through soil-foundation springs automatically managed by the system, while options for kinematic interaction and strain-dependent soil shear modulus are also available.

Automatic Gravity Load Allocation and Mass Matrix Assemblage

Vertical load and mass specification is effortless.
Define either slab loads subject to rule-based beam allocation or distributed beam loads directly. A floor-lumped or a full consistent mass matrix representation is adopted depending on the analysis procedure and its assemblage is entirely undertaken by the system.

Seismic Performance Assessment using Eurocode 8 provisions

Build-X allows the projection of the performance level in terms of roof displacement attained by the building under a given seismic scenario.

The procedure is accomplished through an SDOF transformation of the Capacity Curve obtained from a Pushover Analysis and the use of an Elastic Response Spectrum, along the lines of Eurocode 8.

Special-Purpose Integrated MATLAB Libraries

Build-X is equipped with two MATLAB functions that facilitate special tasks throughout the dataflow.


Latest stable release: 2.0


Build-X v2.0

32-bit setup

Build-X v2.0

64-bit setup

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